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Hazara Activist Beaten by Ashraf Ghani Bodyguard in London Summit

A Fantastically Violent Bodyguard for a Fantastically Corrupt Leader Yesterday an anti-corruption summit was held in London. During the press-conference following the summit, a Hazara activist interrupted the speech of President Ashraf Ghani, who was invited to speak. After few minutes the activist was taken away by Ghani’s bodyguards, who mishandled and beat him very badly. [caption id="attachment_291" ali ...

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To remember Rwanda genocide 20th anniversary

In 1994, in the East African nation of Rwanda, one million ethnic Tutsi people were slaughtered, in a genocide committed by their Hutu countrymen. But the scars left by these murderous militiamen go well beyond the numbers of the dead: they live on, in the lives of the women they held captive, raped - and left pregnant. ...

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Hazara Artist Exhibition From Afghanistan to Swiss

[caption id="attachment_190" align="aligncenter" width="960"] HAZARA PAINTER MOHSEN TAASHA WAHIDI[/caption] There are three major rivers in Mohsen Taasha Wahidi’s life: the Kabul, which gives its name to his hometown, The Meno, which bathes the strip of land around Kassel (Germany) where it was held his most important exhibition, dOCUMENTA13, and Ticino. The latest is the river that gives its name to the ca ...

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A letter from Poets and Writers Worldwide to Nelson Mandela honoring his struggle for human rights and freedom

Poets and writers Worldwide wish to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela as one of the greatest champions for human rights in the history of humanity . Mr. Mandela dedicated his life to organizing millions of people to create justice out of South African Apartheid. His road was to educate himself in an era of ultimate prejudice and recognize that justice could and should be done, no matter how great the obs ...

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Vikki Riley, You Are With Us in Our Hearts as Long as They Throb

Vikki Riley spent her life defending asylum seekers' rights in Australia and in the whole world. She worked with dedication and love in favor of people who have lost everything. It's with immense grief that we have been informed about her passing away. This is a loss for the entire humanity and no one can fill this void. We would like to thank you a last time, your memory will live forever in our hearts and ...

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