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Hazara Activist Beaten by Ashraf Ghani Bodyguard in London Summit

A Fantastically Violent Bodyguard for a Fantastically Corrupt Leader Yesterday an anti-corruption summit was held in London. During the press-conference following the summit, a Hazara activist interrupted the speech of President Ashraf Ghani, who was invited to speak. After few minutes the activist was taken away by Ghani’s bodyguards, who mishandled and beat him very badly. [caption id="attachment_291" ali ...

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Bamiyan women’s message in support of Lightening Movement and protest against discrimination

We the women community of Bamiyan, declare our solidarity with the Enlightening Movement and announce that we are committed to convoy our justice seeker brothers and sisters across the country in order to achieve social justice and an honorable life. The government of Afghanistan and international community should understand that we will continue our civic actions for our rightful demands, no matter what di ...

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#BringBack31Hazaras, Being Hazara is not a crime

More than 40 days ago 31 Hazara passangers have been kidnapped from two vehicles on a highway in Zabul province while they were travelling from Kandahar to Kabul. Their families are living weeks of anguish waiting for their return. Everyone knows who is the responsible even if the government denied the Taliban involvement in the kidnapping, due to the “peace talks” with these criminals.Speaking during his f ...

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Deportation of A Disabled Hazara Asylum Seeker From Norway To Afghanistan

[follow_me] On October 25, 2014, the Norvegian government deported Gholam Nabi, a Hazara asylum seeker who came from Ghazni province, a province in the south of Afghanistan. According to afghanistan independent Human Rights Commission, in November 1998 the Taliban killed dozens of Hazaras in Ghazni province, and four of the victims were Gholam Nabi’s close relatives. Yesterday, Nabi on his wheelchair was br ...

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National day of mourning in Afghanistan

A natural disaster in Badakhshan, in northeastern of Afghanistan has killed more than 3500 people. Today, around 12 pm in the province of Argo, in Badakhshan, a whole country has been buried by a landslide. Local journalists say that the victims are increasing hour by hour and emergency services don't have the possibility to start the survivors rescue. I'm really sad and I hope that the Government, national ...

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To remember Rwanda genocide 20th anniversary

In 1994, in the East African nation of Rwanda, one million ethnic Tutsi people were slaughtered, in a genocide committed by their Hutu countrymen. But the scars left by these murderous militiamen go well beyond the numbers of the dead: they live on, in the lives of the women they held captive, raped - and left pregnant. ...

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Why Hazaras are always being targeted?!!

More than 50 Hazaras have been killed and injured on Tuesday, February 25th in a suicide attack that took place in a hotel in Trinkot town of Urozgan province. All the victims and the injured survivors are said to be belonging to the Hazara ethnic group. They were in the hotel for an overnight rest before continuing their trip home. [caption id="attachment_212" align="aligncenter" width="560"] Photo by Reut ...

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Anahita Ulfat, Sings Songs of the Oppressed

by Nasim Fekrat Solemnly, but smiley, Anahita in her unique traditional Hazara dresss, gently walks up onto stage. When she turns her charming smiley face towards the audience, her beauty pervades gloom all over the place, and as soon as she starts singing, the audience goes wild. Anahita sings with a vital rebellious voice against discriminatory attitudes towards her ethnic group. With her voice, she expan ...

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Hazara Artist Exhibition From Afghanistan to Swiss

[caption id="attachment_190" align="aligncenter" width="960"] HAZARA PAINTER MOHSEN TAASHA WAHIDI[/caption] There are three major rivers in Mohsen Taasha Wahidi’s life: the Kabul, which gives its name to his hometown, The Meno, which bathes the strip of land around Kassel (Germany) where it was held his most important exhibition, dOCUMENTA13, and Ticino. The latest is the river that gives its name to the ca ...

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