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Urgent appeal to help Afghanistani refugee children in Greece

by Basir Ahang We all know what happens in Somalia, Afghanistan, Eritrea and many other countries devastated by war. At the heart of havoc, more victims are, as always unfortunately happens, children. They believe too often that when they reach Europe, the right to a peaceful life is guaranteed, because there are rules that expressly protect their rights. Unfortunately this is not true. In Greece, a boy of ...

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A young boy’s hope crushed under the wheels of a truck

by Basir Ahang Amir, a young boy like many others his age, fled thirty years of war in Afghanistan in 2007, to fight for his survival. After six months of travel, he finally managed to arrive in Greece. His family then thought that Amir was safe. Perhaps he too was happy and kept in his heart the hope of a new life— better and different, with wishes to rebuild and finally to "live." Like Amir, many other un ...

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Afghanistani children asylum seekers sent back to the firing line; silence from the UN and UNHCR

by Basir Ahang I believe that seeking Asylum should not be a crime in anyone’s eyes, because no one is ready to leave their country of origin, if they are not forced to do so. People emigrate for different reasons, but escaping war is the most difficult and important part of immigration. Fleeing from war has been the story of the people of Afghanistan, unfortunately, for thirty years. The war in Afghanistan ...

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