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To Sign The Petition Click Here As Greece takes over the Presidency of the EU in January 2014 Greece, other Member States and the EU all need to address the humanitarian crisis affecting refugees and asylum seekers there. The situation in Greece is untenable and makes a mockery of any idea of a common space for protection and equality. We cannot talk about minimum standards of reception in Greece, where the ...

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Hazara Artist Exhibition From Afghanistan to Swiss

[caption id="attachment_190" align="aligncenter" width="960"] HAZARA PAINTER MOHSEN TAASHA WAHIDI[/caption] There are three major rivers in Mohsen Taasha Wahidi’s life: the Kabul, which gives its name to his hometown, The Meno, which bathes the strip of land around Kassel (Germany) where it was held his most important exhibition, dOCUMENTA13, and Ticino. The latest is the river that gives its name to the ca ...

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The role of Pakistan in Afghanistan:Interview with Basir Ahang

By Angelo Boccato Good evening to everybody! I would like to purpose you this time an interview with Basir Ahang, an Afghan journalist and political refugee in Italy. Basir has realized a documentary "The Voice of Patra" about the conditions of the Afghan refugees in Greece, has worked as an interpreter and cultural mediator and is involved in project aiming in capturing the attention on its people and expe ...

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Europe no sanctuary for Afghan asylum seekers

Ali M Latifi|ALJAZEERA [caption id="attachment_177" align="aligncenter" width="680"] With few prospects and no housing, many Afghan asylum seekers gather and sleep in parks [Basir Ahang/Al Jazeera][/caption] As Afghanistan's army was beginning to assume a more active combat role in 2007 - and as suicide bombings and opium production hit record highs - Omar thought a move to Europe would make his life safer. ...

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Enough of injustice, cruelty and oppression

Basir Ahang | Translated by Liaquat Ali Hazara In August, last year, it was reported from Kunduz Province in north Afghanistan, that a young couple have been stoned to death by the Taliban. Although this barbaric act was severely condemned by various Human Rights organisations including Amnesty International who demanded of the Karzai government to bring the perpetrators into justice, yet this case, like hu ...

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We condemn the discrimination against Sikhs and Hindus of Afghanistan

By M. Amin Wahidi In a racist action, the parliamentarians of Afghanistan refused the allocation of a single seat in the parliament for the Sikhs and Hindus minority group. Although the Sikh and Hindu people of Afghanistan have passed a long way of suffering for their religion but they are still discriminated against. Recently the Afghanistan Parliament has passed the election bill, which was under discussi ...

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A letter from Poets and Writers Worldwide to Nelson Mandela honoring his struggle for human rights and freedom

Poets and writers Worldwide wish to celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela as one of the greatest champions for human rights in the history of humanity . Mr. Mandela dedicated his life to organizing millions of people to create justice out of South African Apartheid. His road was to educate himself in an era of ultimate prejudice and recognize that justice could and should be done, no matter how great the obs ...

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Vikki Riley, You Are With Us in Our Hearts as Long as They Throb

Vikki Riley spent her life defending asylum seekers' rights in Australia and in the whole world. She worked with dedication and love in favor of people who have lost everything. It's with immense grief that we have been informed about her passing away. This is a loss for the entire humanity and no one can fill this void. We would like to thank you a last time, your memory will live forever in our hearts and ...

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The Taliban terrorists killed five Hazaras in Maidan Province

By Basir Ahang Based on reports from Maidan Wardak province, Taliban terrorists have killed five Hazaras after torturing them brutally in Jalrez district. There are different uncertified reports on this killing. The district administrator in Jalrez has told the journalists that these five people worked in foreign troops’ bases but the family members of the murdered people denies the statement of the distric ...

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